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bad english

So I was just scrolling through facebook and staring blankly at nonsense friends had posted in pure gibberish.

For example ; “ye im onli wrkin monday so far u kno nick m8 e’ll prob need me ev day bt ring me nyt b4 ev nyt lol”

Firstly how is this “simplifying english” or making it quicker? must take twice as long to figure out how to unlearn everything that shows you had an education and onli has the exact same amount of letters as only and this is far too common.

Another bugbear of mine is the habit of adding kisses to every sentence xxx. rather than full stops, now im not completely intolerant not in person situations where this is ok are;

*at the end of a online conversation if you would in real life

*texts with people who you love (family, best friends, partner)

That is all.


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